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Hunger Facts


Hunger has no race, age or gender.  Hunger affects so many families at unforeseen times.  Especially those living on minimum wage, fixed income and paycheck to paycheck.  Hunger can occur when a person gets an unexpected bill, an emergency medical situation or just not having enough money to survive.  Florida is the 12th state in United States ranked for food insecurity.  Over 785,000 South Floridians suffer from food insecurity.  One out of four (over 280,000) children got to bed hungry in South Florida.  One out of seven (over 150,000) elderly people struggle with food insecurity. One out of seven households (130,000) has a working family member facing the difficult challenge of making a tough choice of food on the table or a place to live or even keeping utilities current.

Food insecurity does not necessarily mean homelessness.  Homeless individuals are only compromise of three percent of people who are food insecure.   The 97% of people who are food insecure are elderly and the working poor.  Individuals that are food insecure are not necessarily without food all the time; but instead are faced with heart breaking choices of basic needs (food, medicine, electricity, water, or rent).

The cycle of hunger and poverty go hand in hand.  When low-income families struggle to   buy food due to a lack of inadequate income, they most certainly cannot purchase food that     are full of nutrition.  A lack of proper nutrient density foods does not allow individuals to remain healthy.  With limited resource of funding in the household means more inexpensive low nutrient density foods will be purchased if any food at all.  Low nutrition does not allow an adult to work at their full potential.  Children who do not have enough nutrition tend to have behavior issues, and cannot concentrate to fully learn what they are being taught in school causing them not to be able to do their classwork as well as homework.

​​​Jeremiah 29:11